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IPUX is not only successfully operating, and has blueprints to develop, ecommerce, agriculture, and health and wellness related businesses in ASEAN, but we are also providing solutions leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts, AI, big data and IoT, combined with a capability development program, that will disrupt and transform lesseffective market models. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals, through funding from this ICO, we strive to improve the livelihood of disenfranchised farmers and communities, by offering technology driven solutions that are poised to revolutionise industry while respecting and protecting the planet. You can take pride in being a co-creator and member of an eco-system that will have far-reaching benefits to the health of communities and the planet, promoting fair trade and fairer wealth distribution, whilst delivering healthier lifestyle options to meet the growing demand from a growing, more sophisticated population with higher expectations.

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