The boom in the blockchain technology which took the world by storm, led to the inception of Kuncoin.


An ICO offered by the Tokyo Consulting Group, it aims to promote global investment using Wiki Investment.  


Named after the president of the group, Mr Yasunari Kuno, it now envisions establishing a Real-estate liquidation venture, Wiki-Investments which will be the first real-estate market based on crowd-funding and securitization.

We help our investors in accelerating the growth of cross-border investments and we will them in setting their foot in Singapore.


This platform covers a wide range of services ranging from basic information important for sustaining business start-ups and an investment environment to a framework that aids the procedure for establishing a company. We wish to accelerate the growth of a country where cross-border investment takes place. We also aim to modify our website just like Wikipedia where the users will be allowed to modify the content of the site using a definitive version of investment information.

To top it off, we use Security tokens instead of Utility tokens which make it a tradable asset and thus it will protect the investment of the investors with opening up the platform for a large number of applications. With this Kunocoin is all set to expand its horizons as one of the most secure way to securitize assets.

Deepak Kaushik
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