Connecting Real People with Real Opportunities for Social Good

Our Vision and Mission

At Social Chains, we believe that users should own their data and participate in the data economy. Privacy is a fundamental right. Fake data is neither ethical nor sustainable. These are our core values. Our mission is as bold as it is simple: “to empower every individual and business to participate in wealth creation from any transaction – social or commercial – that uses verified identity”.

Problems with social-media

Social networks have gone beyond sharing vacation pictures. They function as marketplaces, but they were not built to provide the services they do today. • A select few companies are accumulating the wealth from user data, and little wealth is passed to users. • Misuse of user data; Big Tech shares user data with third parties without oversight. • Lack of trust in Social Media (e.g., 40% of Millennials reported fraud of >$400 in 2017 (e.g. Romance Fraud). 25 to 30% click and display fraud in online Ads.

Users are Stakeholders

  • Users earn 50% of the profits
  • Users receive tokens for engagement
  • True privacy that exceeds GDPR; even our platform cannot access user data without express permission – let alone share it.
  • Safe digital neighborhoods on a global scale because every user is verified.

$SOCT: A Unique Cryptocurrency

  • 500M users receive 600 M tokens as an award resulting in the world’s largest ever distribution and adoption of cryptocurrency by mainstream users.
  • The only Cryptocurrency that is owned entirely by verified users.
  • $SOCT is helping us in hiring talent that has accepted $SOCT as a currency. 

Strategic Viral Growth Plan

  • Plan to deploy first in English speaking countries with emphasis on USA and India.
  • Focus on young adults that are tech-savvy and motivated by our rewards; as well as micro-influencers with large followers.
  • Users are incentivized to join and engage with $SOCT tokens; plus, bonuses for referrals. They also share in profits.

Proven Path to Making Money

  • Permission-based advertising is our primary revenue source.
  • We provide B2C email-marketing based on user interests and wants. Business pay by the number of emails opened by the users.
  •  Peer to peer commerce – verified users.
  •  Know your customer (KYC) solutions for hiring and financial services using our proprietary technology.

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Connecting Real People with Real Opportunites for Social Good
Padmanand Warrier
Mohammed Mazharuddin
Charlie Lindahl
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